"When I can walk on my own, I promise to come to VNA of Care New England's office and show everyone." That's the promise of Jose, who on Christmas Day, took a serious fall in his home and suffered a severe injury to his spinal cord.

jose-promiseWith the help of physical and occupational therapists from VNA of Care New England who visit his home several days a week, and with the help of his loving wife, Jose has begun his return to life before the accident.

Steve Parenteau, our physical therapist who works with Jose three days a week, marvels at how far Jose has come since the accident that left him unable to stand or move his arms, hands or fingers. Although he still has difficulty getting out of bed without assistance, Jose is regaining the strength in his trunk and legs and is now able to walk with the aid of a walker. And occupational therapy twice a week is helping Jose reclaim the use of his arms and hands that had been "frozen" from the accident.

His appreciation and gratitude for the care he’s received in his home from the rehabilitative therapists of VNA of Care New are summed up in his saying, "They are good people - they are incredible people."

Jose will undergo another surgery to stabilize his spinal cord, but doctors tell him he is strong, and with hard work and rehabilitative therapy, he will continue to improve, and yes, he will once again walk on his own.