"My father and I were always very close. Growing up, we shared so many wonderful experiences together. I cannot remember a time when he was not there for me. So, when he was facing a terminal illness and the time came for me to be there for him, I knew that I had to do it, but was not sure how. Thankfully, I had help. Hospice Care of VNA of Care New England gave me the chance to be his son and get to know my father in a way that I never thought possible, something we both needed. Through the years, my father and I had always enjoyed great talks.


As we faced the end of his life together, these talks about faith, hopes, and dreams were at a much different and deeper level. Quietly and expertly, the hospice team cared for all of my father's medical needs, paying attention to every detail, while they encouraged and supported me. This warm and compassionate care allowed us precious time to have these conversations and let our parent-child relationship grow and mature while exploring our thoughts on life, death, and the future. I knew my father's care was in good hands. I will always be grateful to Hospice Care of VNA of Care New England. Thanks to them, the time that my father and I had together at the end of his life was truly an amazing and unexpected gift."

Richard Lewis