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Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab
Do you suffer from lung problems such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or restrictive pulmonary disease? Do you find that you are frequently short of breath? Do you want to strengthen your respiratory system and learn more about your disease? Do you want to minimize the time you spend in the hospital and maximize your quality of life?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab could be right for you.

What is Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab?
Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab is an individualized specialty home health care program, the only one of its kind in Rhode Island, offered by VNA of Care New England. Individuals suffering from chronic lung problems and eligible to receive home health care services may minimize time spent in the hospital and maximize their quality of life by participating in this unique program.

Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab Care Team
In consultation with the patient’s physician and coordinated by an experienced respiratory therapist, a specially trained team provides care for patients at home. The care team includes:

What Patients Receive
What Patients Receive
  • Home care visits by the Care Team.
  • Pre and post 6-minute walk test.
  • Pre and post-quality of life assessment.
  • Breathing retraining.
  • Disease management education.
  • Exercise conditioning.
  • Home exercise prescription.
  • Telehealth monitoring.
  • Post-discharge follow-up.

What Patients Should Expect
  • Improved quality of life.
  • Improved breathing.
  • Improved ability to recognize and manage symptoms.
  • Increased exercise tolerance.
  • Decreased hospitalizations and visits to the emergency room.

Patient Story: Cecilia
In November 2009, Cecilia returned home from the hospital after Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) left her extremely short of breath. Once home, she became fearful that any activity would result in another hospitalization and therefore, made the decision to significantly curtail her movement. For the next eleven months, she became so debilitated that she could not answer the door to greet guests. She left a key hooked to the side of her garage for visitors to let themselves in. Read Cecilia's Story

To Get Started
The Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab program is for adult patients over the age of 18 who are referred by their physician and meet the following criteria:
  • Have a pulmonary diagnosis, such as, but not limited to, chronic pulmonary disease, emphysema, restrictive lung disease or chronic bronchitis.
  • Be willing and able to participate in home-based pulmonary rehab.
  • Be a non-smoker, agree to stop smoking, or enroll in a smoking cessation program while receiving home-based pulmonary rehab.
If you would like additional information, please call (401) 737-6050 or 1-800-348-6417 and ask to speak with the Intake Department.
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  Video Q&A: Pulmonary Rehab
Learn more about VNA of Care New England's Home-Based Pulmonary Rehab program. Ellen Perz, Respiratory Therapist and Program Coordinator, discusses the benefits of the program for patients with chronic lung disease.
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