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Our Volunteers Make A Difference Every Day!

VNA of Care New England volunteers are very special people who play an important role in making VNA of Care New England and Hospice Care of VNA of Care New England very special. Volunteers are always needed  and a wide variety of opportunities are available to match your interests. Opportunities are available in our Hospice Program and at our Warwick office.

Hospice Patient Volunteers

Are you interested in providing companionship and support to patients and their families who are facing end of life? Hospice volunteers provide a valuable resources by simply being a listener, sharing a cup of coffee, hearing a patient's story, playing cards, lending a helping hand, reading a book out loud or just sitting quietly to provide companionship.

Hospice Bereavement Volunteers

Have you experienced the grief of losing a loved one? If so, you know that sometimes a supportive listener can make all the difference in the world. Our hospice bereavement helpers provide needed support to families after the loss of a loved one; to check in on them, help to determine their ongoing needs, and simply provide an open ear.

Administrative Office Volunteers

Our office volunteers provide valuable clerical assistance at our Warwick office. We always have a need for volunteers to help collating information packets, prepare mailing information, help with printing and duplication, file and make phone calls or help you to utilize your talent while developing a photo/media library.

Special Skills/Talents

You may have special skills such as photography, knitting, massage therapy, cooking....the list is endless! If you are willing to donate your special talents, we would love to talk with you.

Event Volunteers

Do you love events? If so, then becoming an event volunteer is for you. Each year, VNA of Care New England holds a number of special community and fundraising events that require help and support.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at Hospice Care of VNA of Care New England, please contact the Department of Volunteer Services at Kent Hospital at (401) 737-7000 ext. 31328 or email khvolunteers@carene.org

If you are interested in any other volunteer opportunities, please contact Kiel Mitchell at kwmitchell@vnacarenewengland.org or (401) 921-7632.

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