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Telmonitoring Frequently Asked Questions

How does the telemonitoring system work?

  • Patients can have vital signs such as weight, blood pressure and pulse rate monitored at home by utilizing the easy-to-use equipment that comes with the telemonitoring unit.  Also, each day, the telemonitor asks specific questions about the patient's illness and provides useful tips and education.
  • Readings and responses are transmitted to a specially trained nurse at VNA of Care New England through a normal phone line.
  • The nurse may receive an alert if there are changes outside of normal parameters, specific to the individual patient. 

What is the process if there is an alert?

  • Our nurse checks the patient’s history and then contacts the patient to review medications, diet, or other changes.
  • After talking with the patient, the nurse may schedule a nursing visit or contact the patient's physician for further instructions.

What are the benefits to the patient?

  • Daily monitoring.
  • Better understanding and management of their health condition.
  • Ongoing education and support.

In what geographical locations is telemonitoring available?

VNA of Care New England serves patients throughout Rhode Island, except Block Island.

What health conditions are currently eligible to use telemonitoring?

  • Coronary artery disease.
  • Post coronary artery bypass graft surgery.
  • Congestive heart failure.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Hypertension.

Will my physician know about telemonitoring?

Yes.  Your physician will know that you are receiving telemonitoring services and VNA of Care New England will provide him or her with periodic reports to let him or her know your status.  Physicians with patients who have received telemonitoring have been very happy with the program.  They recognize the value in their patients learning more about their disease and appropriate self-management. 

Physicians also appreciate that telemonitoring can help to prevent emergency room visits and hospitalizations through early detection of potentially harmful changes in a patient's condition. 

Does telemonitoring replace the nurse?

No, telemonitoring is used to complement in-home nursing care.  Patients still receive nursing visits and any other services appropriate to their specific home care needs.

What if patients want to stay in someone else's home while they are recovering?  Can the telemonitoring equipment be used there?

Yes, the equipment can be used anywhere there is a power source and phone access.

What does telemonitoring cost?

There is no charge to the patient for telemonitoring services.

How do I find out more about telemonitoring?

If you are hospitalized and chose VNA of Care New England as your home care provider of choice, you may be asked about telemonitoring before you are discharged from the hospital.  If you have one of the conditions currently eligible to use telemonitoring and it was not discussed with you at the hospital, you may inquire with your VNA of Care New England home care nurse.

I have questions, who should I call?

Call VNA of Care New England at (401) 737-6050 and ask to speak with the telemonitoring nurse.

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