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VNA of Care New England

Teamwork in action

Richard is an incredible individual who does not allow the limitations of his multiple sclerosis limit his life goals. He wants to get out of bed and get to work each day as a Senior Systems Engineer and be happy, healthy and a fully integrated functioning member of society, instead of a burden on the system. The Care New England Home Health team helps him to achieve his goals.

The Home Health Aides from HealthTouch visit him twice daily to provide his personal care needs and monitor his physical status. If a change is noticed, the nurse managers are notified and this is communicated to his physician. When needed, nurses, and physical and occupational therapists from VNA of Care New England are called on to offer care and evaluation in the privacy of Richard's home.

This is when the synergy of teamwork is extremely important. The aides, nurses and therapists all work together, communicating with each other and with Richard's physician. Shared expertise, evaluation and observation improve his care and allow coordinated schedules and treatments. Richard gets all the care that he needs, all in one place. For him, this level of teamwork from Care New England Home Health is as vital as oxygen.

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