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Regaining Skills after a Stroke

When Marie turned 60, she meant to start a healthier lifestyle. She was severely overweight and had a history of high blood pressure, and her doctor and family were concerned about her health.

Unfortunately for Marie, she had a stroke before she had begun her plan to improve both of those health risks. After a brief hospitalization, she was transferred to a skilled nursing facility where she was treated for two months and then was referred to VNA of Care New England for Rehabilitative Therapy services.

 Stroke Skills ImageThe day after she was referred to our services, a physical therapist and an occupational therapist both went to her home to start her on the road to recovery.

Marie’s physical therapist focused on increasing her strength and making her home safer. The physical therapist also made three visits each week to help Marie regain her ability to move around, initially in a wheelchair and later walking on her own, and to climb stairs.

Her occupational therapist went to Marie’s home twice a week to help Marie improve her abilities to do activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, cooking, laundry, and homemaking.

They also had VNA of Care New England’s nutritionist, social worker, and certified nursing assistants help Marie. Our nutritionist worked with Marie to get her on a healthful diet and our social worker helped Marie with long-term planning to make sure she would get certified nursing assistant services after she was discharged from medical home health care.

Marie is now living safely at home and has started the path to a healthier lifestyle. She continues rehabilitative therapy at an outpatient facility and continues to have a certified nursing assistant help her two days a week.

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