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VNA of Care New England
VNA of Care New England

Health Tip: Set Rules About Bunk Beds

Top bunk shouldn't be used by kids under 6
(HealthDay News) -- Bunk beds may be fun for children, but they can pose hazards, especially for children who aren't old enough to use them safely.
The American Academy of Pediatrics offers this advice about bunk beds:
A child under age 6 should not be allowed to climb into or sleep in the top bunk. Position bunk beds into a corner, with walls supporting two sides. This will reduce the risk of areas where a child could fall and offer more stability. Mattresses should fit very snugly inside the frames. The top bunk should have an attached ladder, a night light and a guard rail that won't allow a child to slip underneath. Top bunk mattress should be secured by slats or wires and securely fastened at each end. Never allow children to jump or play roughly on bunk beds.
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