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VNA of Care New England
VNA of Care New England
by Diana Kohnle

Health Tip: Keep Diabetes in Check

Suggestions for holiday eating
(HealthDay News) -- It can be difficult to eat healthy during the holidays, especially for diabetics.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers these suggestions for people with diabetes:
Eat a healthy snack before you attend a holiday gathering, or pack a healthy snack to eat there. You can also ask ahead of time which foods will be served, so you can better plan. If there's a buffet, take small portions, then head to another room so you're not tempted to reload your plate. Choose low-calorie or calorie-free drinks, from unsweetened tea to sparkling water. If you drink alcohol, drink a small amount with food. Avoid foods such as glazed ham, turkey with gravy and side dishes laden with butter, cream or mayonnaise. Instead, opt for lighter dishes with a vegetable base and fewer fatty, sugary and salty ingredients. For dessert, choose a food with a fruit base instead of desserts high in sugar, fat and cholesterol. Focus on friends and family, not food.
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