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Survey Examines Physician Satisfaction With EHRs

About one-quarter of practices have no EHR; more than half of adopters report increased efficiency
THURSDAY, June 13 (HealthDay News) -- About three-quarters of physicians report that their practice either has a fully implemented electronic health record (EHR), uses a hospital or corporate EHR, or is in the process of implementing an EHR, according to a technology survey published by Physicians Practice.
Researchers from ZirMed surveyed 1,291 physicians, including 26.1 percent in solo practice and 34 percent in small practices (two to five physicians), 55.4 percent of which were independent, regarding their satisfaction with EHRs.
According to the survey, the most pressing information technology problems were adoption and implementation of EHRs (18.8 percent) and the associated costs (16.9 percent). More than three-quarters of physicians reported that their practice either had a fully implemented EHR (45.3 percent), used a hospital or corporate parent EHR (17.3 percent), or had an EHR that was not fully implemented (13.8 percent); only 23.6 percent currently had no EHR. Fifty percent of physicians reported that they were able to access the EHR from their smartphone or tablet. The factors that most influenced the choice of EHR included what the hospital and other care delivery partners were using, ease of use, and price. Sixty-seven percent of physicians reported that the EHR implementation was complete, with implementation usually taking up to six months, but lasting more than 18 months in nearly 20 percent of cases. Most physicians reported being satisfied (39.7 percent) or feeling mediocrity (32.8 percent) toward their vendor.
According to a press release, "despite the widespread adoption, only 57 percent of EHR adopters report that their systems have made their practices more efficient, and only 43 percent report that they have yielded a return on their technology investment."
More Information (http://www.physicianspractice.com/2013-technology-survey-results )
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